The Advanced Cassette – Selected by leading Clinicans

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Product Name –

The Advanced Cassette selected by leading clinicians. (Product code – BMT-ADV)

Product description –

Set tray of hand-picked surgical instruments chosen by some of the UK’s leading Implantologists everything a dentist needs to place an implants or for oral surgery.

Kit contents

  • Mirror
  • Periodontal probe
  • Pritchards periosteal elevator
  • Molt 8 (raspatory)
  • Molt 9 (periosteal elevator)
  • Mitchells trimmer
  • Bone curette Lucas (small)
  • Bone curette Lucas (medium)
  • scissors straight Castroviejo
  • Needle holders Castroviejo
  • Adson tweezers
  • Tissue tweezers
  • Bone well
  • Norm instrument tray with silicone storing frame.

Please note all products can be brought separately, separate product PDF’S available.