NiTi Brush (Pack of 4)

NiTi Brush (Pack of 4)

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The NiTi Brush offers a unique opportunity to refresh the surface of a contaminated implant.  The NiTi wires in the brush are stiff enough to effectively polish a rough implant surface back to a smooth surface, removing contaminated material without generating metal particles.

Once polished the defect around the implant can then be repaired using Guided Bone Regeneration techniques.

Alternatively, if the implant surface is already exposed by gingival shrinkage, polishing the rough surface allows for far easier oral hygiene control.

  • A single brush will usually clean up a single implant.  They are sold non-sterile to be autoclaved before use.
  • The brush fits any normal contra-angle head and can be bent to reach difficult areas.
  • Titanium alloy wire
  • Diameter 0.09mm wire
  • Conical shape reaches even into implant threads

Do not confuse these with other implant cleaning brushes.  This one will make the surface shiny in seconds before your eyes.

Watch a video clip here

Pack of 5.

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