GMESS Essential Sterile Drapes Pack

GMESS Essential Sterile Drapes Pack

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The essentials required, in one sterile pack, to create and maintain a sterile environment. To help prevent post-operative infections and patient cross contamination, designed for implant placement and oral surgery.

Please note gowns and scrub hats can be purchased in addition to the essential drape pack if required and a double ended white plastic suction adapter will be supplied free of charge with this product.

1x Wrapping Sheet
1x Surgical Drape DS2
1x Surgical Drape SMS
2x Device Cover
4x Absorbent Towel
1x Cable Cover
1x Suction Hose
1x Suction Handle Yankauer
1x Cup 60ml
1x Straight Connector
1x Pouch

Plus non-sterile white connector