Biomatlante In’Oss

Biomatlante In’Oss

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Moldable Synthetic Bone Graft. Microporus Resorbable Biphasic Calcium Phosphate.

In’Oss™ is a moldable bone graft, made of MBCP™ Technology. Developed to improve clinician handling during bone grafting procedures. In’Oss™ can fit to the different size and shapes of the grafting sites.

In’Oss™ preserves the original graft shape and bone volume. It is gradually absorbed within a few months and is replaced by vital architectured bone.

In’Oss™ is ready to use and avoids the hydration and manipulation phases.

Unique Concept for Bone Augmentation

  • In’Oss™ is an interconnected microporous structure. Hydrogel creates large spaces between
  • MBCP™ microporous particles to form extra spaces for cells spreading and the diffusion of fluids.
  • In’Oss™ chemistry encourages the rapid formation of natural bone and the growth of capillary blood vessels throughout the matrix. These materials have been shown to be perfectly biocompatible and absorbable.

Ready to use

In’Oss™ is supplied in a sterile syringe ready to use. No pre-mixing is required with blood or saline solution. In’Oss™ plasticity conforms to bone defect.


In’Oss™ Putty is safe and has excellent biocompatibility. MBCP™ Bone Graft Particles have been the topic of extensive clinical studies over the last 30 years with clinical results comparable to Autologous Bone.



  • Extraction Sockets
  • Dehisciences
  • Fenestrations


  • Ridge preservation
  • Lateral Sinus Augmentation

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