Biomatlante MBCP™ Granules

Biomatlante MBCP™ Granules

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MBCP+™ is a fully synthetic, cost-effective bone graft matric used as an alternative to biologic osteoinductive products (Autograft, Allograft). MCCP+™ is a 3D interconnected matric that mimics the trabecular architecture and the thin crystalline structure of natural bone. It’s unique manufacturing process provides an optimal permeability for cell migration and angiogenesis

Key Features:

  • Molecular mixture of 20% HA and 80% TCP
  • 70% porosity; interconnected network of macropores and micropores
  • Osteoconductive
  • Maintains stable bone volume over 5 years
  • Acquires the properties of host bone
  • 100% regenerative into new lamellar or haversian bone
  • New vascularised, mineralised, and architectural bone
  • 100% synthetic

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