Biomatlante Membrane

Biomatlante Membrane

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Barrier function lasts for 3-6 months.

EZ Cure™  is a cross-linked collagen membrane. Guided bone regeneration promotes the proliferation of osteogenic cells in a defined area to prevent conjunctive or epithelial cells to colonize the surgical site. EZ Cure™  has the ability to maintain its functional integrity for more than 12 weeks, allowing the regenerative process to act.

Biocompatible and Safe

The membrane is made of porcine collagen type I and type III with standardized purification process. EZ Cure™  collagen membrane is obtained by controlled manufacturing processes and international recognized standards for excellent biocompatibility.

The collagen is extracted from veterinary certified pigs skin and is carefully purified. EZ Cure™ is sterilized by irradiation and packaged in double pouches.


  • Biocompatible and safe
  • Easy to use
  • Cells occlusive


EZ Cure™  is intended for use in periodontal and dental surgery procedures as a material for

placement in the area of periodontal defect, dental implant, bone defect or ridge reconstruction to aid in wound healing post surgery. Considering EZ Cure™  indications and resorption time, it is recommended to combine the membrane with bone graft to new bone healing by osteoconduction.

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