Biomatlante Collagen Membrane – 30x40mm

Biomatlante Collagen Membrane – 30x40mm

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EZ Cure is a highly purified crosslinked porcine collagen membrane.
It ensures a barrier effect in GTR and GBR procedures.

Dental Surgery:

EZ Cure Membrane is intended for use in Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) or Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) procedures. Its barrier function prevents colonization of the bone defect by epithelial and connective tissue. It is indicated for treatment of oral and maxillofacial bone defects and periodontal diseases.

Technical information
EZ Cure Membrane, flexible and adaptable

  • Origin – EZ Cure is a highly purified porcine collagen (fibres type I and III) resorbable membrane.
  • Resorbable – The resorbable collagen membrane allows biological fluids diffusion for a controlled resorption within 24 weeks.
  • Barrier function – The cross-linked collagen membrane offers a controlled resorption time that ensures a barrier function for 12 weeks. This barrier effect prevents epithelial and connective tissue from colonizing the surgical site during healing process.
  • Reversible – EZ Cure can be placed on either side thanks to its 3 layers structure. It is very easy to use.
  • Flexible and adaptable – EZ Cure has excellent handling properties. Flexible and drapable, it conforms perfectly to various bone geometries. Adaptable, it is easy to cut and shape. It can be sutured and pinned.
  • Adhesive – Thanks to its surface morphology, the membrane presents a great tissue adherence. It is easy to place.

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