Dr. Kim Headlight

Introducing: Dr. Kim Headlight

The Dr. Kim Headlight optimises magnification and lighting, enhancing your vision so you can concentrate fully on what really matters.

  • Patented dual LEDs illuminate your work area without harsh shadow
  • Patented ergonomic C-band ensures comfortable fit
  • Untethered & light-weight
  • Replaceable lithium battery with brightness adjustment
  • Optional customized loupe/telescope helps you see clearly
  • Optional Digital Camera
  • Brightness: 0 – 70,000 Lux
  • Head size: Accommodates head diameter 6.3″ – 8.3″
  • Weight: 104 gram – lighter than iPhone 6
  • Includes 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger

Dr. Kim Headlight - Lighting example

Focused Light

Dr. Kim Headlight - Lights

Interchangeable Lenses

Dr. Kim Headlight - Retractable


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